Ochaco Uraraka Brown Cosplay Wig | My Hero Academia



My Hero Academia

Characters of Cosplay:
Ochaco Uraraka

Cosplay Outfit Includes:

Heat Resistant Fiber

(8 customer reviews)

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Ochaco Uraraka Brown Cosplay Wig | My Hero Academia

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8 reviews for Ochaco Uraraka Brown Cosplay Wig | My Hero Academia

  1. Steven

    This is a very good wig! It was so soft and hardly needs to be brushed after you put it on. I can throw it around and it won¡¯t get terribly tangled! You need to cut and style the bangs but that is not out of the ordinary and I personally like that. 10/10 would buy again

  2. Willow Masquerade

    This is a great wig, it came mostly styled but i just had to brush it and style the bangs a bit. The color is just like the picture and the bangs did not need trimmings they were the perfect hight. the front bangs (the two pieces of hair in front) aren’t as long as the picture and are only about an inch (not even) longer than the actually hair but i think it looks better that way. But overall this is a great wig and i recommend buying this one.

  3. Brianna Hope Swink

    Very nice Ochaco Uraraka wig! Fit very well and came with a little net to hold the wig and a resealable bag to put it in and protect it. It also came with a standard hair cap (the one to hold your hair back) and I like that. Overall the wig is nice quality. It¡¯s also kind of styled already but I¡¯ll have to train it a bit more to get it just how I want it, but I¡¯m not too worried about it because I put it on and brushed through it with hardly any shedding so at least I won¡¯t have to worry if it gets a bit tangled

  4. Anna Day

    It was so so soft! It was thick! And you don¡¯t really have to do any trimming or styling the bangs are a little long but it all depends on your face shape! I trimmed up my front pieces to make it look a little more like her but you don¡¯t have to!

  5. Florence Melanie

    Got this for wife to cosplay and she was impressed at how well it was made. The provided shower cap was lacking so we got better ones but it is nice that it came with one. The quality is that of a $50 plus wig. The hair will need to be trimmed to look the part but at least it is the right color! Also needs to be soften a bit which is not that big of a deal as fabric softener will do the job.

  6. Tabitha Swiczkowski

    I honestly could not have asked for a better Uraraka wig! When I first opened it I thought it was a little too red, but when I looked at reference pictures, it¡¯s actually spot on! And as far as cosplay wigs go, this one is fairly high quality. It took minimal styling on my part which is always great. I highly recommend!

  7. Karina Pena

    Really good for the price and came quick, i have a bit of a smaller head for wigs (21.5in) so alot of them are to big even pulled tight so i bet it would run small for most people. I got ochakos wig and the only issue is that the blond tracks are slightly visable when styling the bangs, i fixed it by flipping the wig inside out and spraying it with a brunette dry shampoo, easy fix for a small inconvenience.

  8. Nadezda

    For the price this wig is amazing. The hairstyle is really Uraraka Ochako. Even the back can be fluffed up to do that weird gravity defying thing it does. It looks really natural despite all this. Easy to brush out. Almost no hair falls out. Easy to wash with normal shampoo. Isn’t super shiny. I got so many compliments on this when I cosplayed Ochako, that I legit felt like I could probably pull of this hairstyle on my real hair.

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