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Order Processing Process

  • Processing time: Generally, the processing time for regular sizes is 1-5 days, and delivery can usually be arranged in 2-3 working days. The processing time for special sizes: 5-10 days.
    If you want to know the specific situation, please contact
    Let us know your style, gender and size.
  • Submit Order
    Once your order is confirmed, the order information will be submitted to the tailor.
  • Design cut
    The tailor will design your order according to the size you provide, select the appropriate material, and start making.
  • Check the order
    After the production is completed, the tailor will check every detail and accessories according to the order information to ensure that the order is completed.
  • Outbound quality inspection
    Before packing, our quality inspectors will conduct quality inspection on the completed order, including verification of quality, size and accessories, to ensure that it can meet your requirements.
  • Packing out of the library
    Finally, we will pack the garment and submit it to the logistics company, who will arrange for the garment to be delivered to you.
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