Maka Albarn Cosplay Costumes, School Uniform with Jacket Coat Outfits | Soul Eater



Soul Eater

Characters of Cosplay:
Maka Albarn

Cosplay Outfit includes:
Coat, Shirt, Yellow Top, Tie, Skirt

Polyester, Uniform

(9 customer reviews)

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Maka Albarn Cosplay Costumes, School Uniform with Jacket Coat Outfits | Soul Eater

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9 reviews for Maka Albarn Cosplay Costumes, School Uniform with Jacket Coat Outfits | Soul Eater

  1. G King

    literally AMAZING !! i’ve been wanting to cosplay maka for soo long and i’m so happy with the quality of this product!! it fit me perfectly and i even plan on wearing the skirt with my day-to-day outfits <33

  2. Jessica

    I have had problems in the past regarding costumes that are made smaller than what is posted. I was surprised that this costume is accurate to American sizing. I bought the Large and I am 5’8”. I thought it was a great fit. I probably should have bought the XL because it was a little tight in the shoulders, but I was worried about the waist being too baggy if I had done that. This turned out great and I recommend it.

  3. Mystical shopper

    I absolutely LOVE this cosplay!! It fit super well and is super comfortable. I will say, the shoulders are a little bit large on me, but other than that it fits like a glove. I very much recommend this cosplay!

  4. Ekin Akyurt

    I was sooo happy when I got the message that the package got home while I was at work! The only thing I would have changed was that the white shirt be a little stretchy, it fit me a bit tight (around the chest area) but everything else fit perfectly!! I wore it for SuperCon and just wished I also purchased the wig !!! I honestly can’t wait for my next purchase !!! I fell in love with cosplaying

  5. Brigid Norton

    I don’t often buy cosplay when i can sew it myself but i had a halloween meet coming up and I’ve always really loved soul eater and needed something quick. The costume is very accurate and true to size and most importantly its comfortable. Im somewhat latger chested so its always exciting to find costumes that can handle that. The white shirt had a couple problems with the button holes but if you have a seam ripper thats totally fine. My favorite part was definitely the jacket. The sleeves give you that square shoulder look you are definitely going for and its perfect for the price it is.

  6. Elizabeth Stouffer

    I’m 5’4 and about 125 lbs and it fits perfectly. Without any shoes, the long cape coat barely touches the ground so there should be no issues walking with shoes outside. This comes with a white long sleeve button-up shirt, yellow no-sleeve vest, red and black skirt (goes down to my fingertips, so above the knee), green and white neck-tie (not a traditional neck-tie, more like an adjustable strap that has an already formed tie attached), white gloves (perhaps a little long at the fingertips, but not a real problem for me), and a long black cape coat with two silver buttons on the chest to open and close and more buttons on the cuffs. I must add, the overall quality looks nice altogether.

  7. Laura Hernandez

    I can’t begin to tell you how surprised I was at how perfectly this costume fit! I was absolutely blown away and I absolutely love it. I cannot wait to wear this at the next convention. The material was fantastic and I definitely recommend going with the size according to the chart. I was a little skeptical of the size at first because most of the time it runs small but I saw someone else say it fit to their normal size so I went with a small and it fit perfectly! The gloves, however, didn’t fit well just because I have small hands but that’s not a big deal for me. I recommend this seller to anyone who wants to cosplay Maka. Thumbs up!

  8. Doreen A

    I love, love, love this! It fits very well except the white long sleeve. That’s a bit tight in the chest area because I have a bigger bust. Otherwise, all very nice!! (I got a small by the way, I recommend a medium white long sleeve if you have a bigger bust and wear a 4-6)

  9. Cierra

    Knew it would be to big XS for my 9 yr old. But a few stitches to the skirt, I wanted to just cut the jackets hem, but I guess I will tack it. It will last a few year’s, the quality for the price is great I couldn’t have made it. We were thrilled it’s cosplay quality, can be used way more then Halloween. Glad we bought this.

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